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Water, Fire and Mold Damage Restoration Solutions for Your Home and Business

If your home or business has sustained severe water or fire damage, you may be wondering whether hiring a professional to handle the restoration work is wise or not. Considering there can be countless reasons behind the current condition of your property, taking advantage of the services of a fire or water damage restoration specialist is highly recommended. If you reside in Hampton, VA and want to restore the condition of your property, turn to the experts at JAB Restoration of Hampton Roads.


Complete Restoration Solutions 

We are a professional water and fire damage restoration company, offering a variety of recovery solutions to bringing your property back to its former condition. We offer complete water removal, coupled with mold remediation and light renovation work, major cleaning, and much more. We will also inspect and service any roof, deck, bathroom areas, as well as flooring and drywall. We can also work with insurance claims, making sure you get compensated for all the losses you have sustained. Learn more on our services page.


Quick, Effective, and Lasting

We will quickly take on any fire or water damage restoration project you hire us to tackle. We will prepare and bring in all the equipment needed while fully discussing your needs regarding any remodeling work. Once we remove all the water, we will cover a full inspection of your property until we find the source of the water damage your home or business has sustained. Once we pinpoint the cause of the issues at hand, we will have them fixed. We will then commence with any remodeling work, promising quick work with lasting results.


Consider the


Risking your health is not something you want to do, even when it comes to something serious as water or fire damage work. Hiring an expert to do the job will bring you much more than safety. Thanks to our solid business connections, acquiring the professional mold remediation, fire damage restoration, Water damage restoration skills it should be a quick and simple task for us that will save you time, worries, and money. On top of that, you can rest assured that the experts at JAB Restoration of Hampton Roads are highly trained in executing any task professionally. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.


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You can learn about the fire and water damage restoration services we provide on our Google Business page. We offer black mold treatment, various remodeling services, cleaning solutions, and much more. Feel free to read the comments we receive and share your thoughts with us if interested in the solutions we bring to the table.


Brooke K. Crabtree on JAB Restoration Of Hampton Roads Great Results

Your water damage restoration was very effective and I'm so glad that I could rely on you to rid me of these awful consequences of the flood. I'm really grateful and I will make sure that more people learn about your good work. Here is my five-star review, for a start. Thank you and keep up the good work!