More About the Water and Fire Damage Restoration and Other Services We Provide

When it comes to a complete restoration of your property after severe water or fire damage, the experts at JAB Restoration Of Hampton Roads are here to address all your needs. Located in Hampton, VA, our company has grown from an unknown business to a premier choice for many people, thanks to our wide range of services, including:

Water Damage Restoration 

We will apply a complete recovery plan for your property, starting from thorough water removal and mold remediation and complete cleaning and renovation work for all the areas that need attention.

Fire Damage Restoration 

We can also help you restore the condition of your property in cases where it has caught fire. We will apply a similar recovery program that will remove any hazardous odors from fumes, rectify issues with the roof, framework, drywall, paint, and other problems with your property. We promise excellent results.

Water Removal 

We will remove all the water that has flooded your home or commercial establishment. Using submersible and gas-powered pumps with various infrared cameras and moisture detectors, we will find and remove any amount of water.

Mold Remediation

We specialize in black mold treatment and other forms of mold remediation methods that will rid your home from any signs of health-related issues that have to do with mold.

Recovery Service 

Once we familiarize ourselves with the state of your property, we will start working on an effective recovery plan of action to save the unaffected/reusable items in your property.

Cleaning Services 

Once we remove any potential threats that have damaged your property and remove all signs of mold, we will attend to any cleaning tasks that your property requires.